Graffiti Turf War: Sad Jose vs. Shitty Kitty


Mikey says:

While passing the magic starry window wall at 19th and San Carlos today I looked to the right and was startled to see the familiar sleeping ogre princes suddenly besieged by an attack squad of impish cat demons. Yes, they’re applying old spice. The start of a graffiti turf war I’m not eager to get tangled up in.

A closer look:


Thanks, Mikey! Lots more after the jump:






6 Responses to “Graffiti Turf War: Sad Jose vs. Shitty Kitty”

  1. zinzin says:

    kind of a nice mash-up-y interactive-dialog-like street art experience, no?

    oh, wait….graffiti bad.

    also, new superhero mural right across the street. 5 year old LOVES it.

  2. buzzgirl says:

    This is so funny! I live on this block of San Carlos, and last night, in a drunken stupor, was yelling at my friends “But where did the kitties come from??!!”

  3. David says:

    Shitty Kitty Rules!!!

    ps..shitty kitty at Shotwell’s on Bastille Day (July 14th)

  4. Leef says:

    Shitty Kitty got CRAZEE style!

    Looking to Shitty Kitty @ Shotwell’s for Bastille!

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