The Making of the New Superhero Mural at 19th and Mission


We finally managed to get in touch with one of the artists behind the neighborhood’s hottest new mural. Ronnie gives us some background:

The space upstairs used to be my old office/art studio and we had the original mural on he side but it was defaced a few years back and we just never got around to fixing it. We had the min hero concept for quite some time but never had the appropriate wall for it and we finally had the time, materials and wall so we hooked up 19th. I also grew up on 19th and my father who was quite fond of comics had got me interested at a young age and so we thought how cool it would be if there could be a mural that would not only brighten up the neighborhood but also give children something to aspire to become. In this day and age in a neighborhood like that kids need something to keep them looking up and moving forward in a positive manner. The best part of painting the wall was the kids walking by and getting so excited and pointing out to there parents all the heroes and talking photos with them. We honestly do feel like we gave something to the community with this one.

Huzzah! Sounds good to me. And looks good:


Photos by Steven Weinberg (who did most of the legwork for this post). Lots more after the jump.  Thanks, Steven!

(Or check out WHAT IM SEEING for some serious professional-grade shots.)






7 Responses to “The Making of the New Superhero Mural at 19th and Mission”

  1. Plug1 says:

    big ups ICP/TMF and BUTER! dudes have been crushing The City and beautifying our walls for the better part of 15+ years.

    great reportage here, Allan.

  2. King Hater says:

    Nice Chris G. swipes there buddy.

  3. zinzin says:

    it really is a nice piece. thanks to the artists for beautifying the hood (And our block)!

    plus, anything with mysterio is extra cool (according to 5 y.o….and he knows).

  4. TK says:

    Nice job Ronnie! He’s actually a super cool guy.

  5. Kyle says:

    Love it! Looks the artist is sucessfully aping the work of the awesome Chris Giarusso of Mini-Marvels and G-Man fame. I freaking love those strips.

  6. Looks good, but the subject matter, compared to the overall work, is a little tiny…. Also, why not add a character or two as if he/she is hanging from the fire escape! It’s there, use it!!!!

    Matthew J. Orley

  7. [...] photos of this awesome mural (and some backstory) over at Mission Mission. Additional photos on my old friend Doctor Popular’s blog and flickr stream. And some more [...]

  8. salaam says:

    They’re clearly very talented muralists. But please, next time, guys: a little more superhero and scene, and a little less ego.