Muni Shirt Contest Winner

We decided on Drew’s story, probably because it blends humor and excitement with horrible, horrible violence. Also, Drew strikes the right tone, coming across not as a transient dabbler in San Francisco, but as someone who calls this place home.

For his troubles, Drew will receive an S-Castro t-shirt from MuniShirts — blue ink on a light blue American Apparel adult medium. His story starts like this:

I’m riding the bus down Market street in Civic Center around midnight sitting near the back door when a middle-aged homeless guy in the very back starts lighting up a cigarette. The driver yells to him “You can’t smoke here”. Homeless guy flips him off and puffs away. Driver says “No you don’t; not on my bus!”. Driver slams on the brakes at Market between 6th and 7th, gets up, walks down the aisle, rips the cigarette out of the guys’s mouth and throws it out the window. “Out!”, the driver yells.

See how it ends.

2 Responses to “Muni Shirt Contest Winner”

  1. walnotes says:

    Thanks for the stories everyone. Keep them coming. And check out for the zillions of anecdotes people post every day from our local transit monopoly.

  2. Allan Hough says:

    And keep an eye on for some brilliantly designed Muni shirts. Like these