Chocolate Babka: The New Best Thing in the World


Like black-and-white cookies and marble rye, the chocolate babka was something that to me only existed in Seinfeld reruns. But now it is real.

I know, I know, this photo is terrible, but it couldn’t wait. Pal’s Take Away is now, on occasion I’m guessing, offering what they’re billing as “Straight Outta Brooklyn Green’s Chocolate Babka.” It is the new best thing in the world, cakey and fluffy, and crispy where it counts, and full of ribbons of chocolatey richness.

I was too busy stuffing it into my face to bother to ask whether they make it themselves or they’re shipping them in from Brooklyn or what, not that it makes a difference. I had one on Saturday and went back on Tuesday for four more.

5 Responses to “Chocolate Babka: The New Best Thing in the World”

  1. Special Sauce says:

    I love you dearly, but I just don’t know about that picture. Sometimes a few hundred words are worth a vacuum of picture.

  2. jason says:

    you put your chocolate babka in my palstakeaway

  3. bob says:

    Greetings from Connecticut!
    Greens chocolate babkas are superb. I send them to my daughters and
    grandchildren in Texas and Singapore, and I send them as holiday gifts all
    over the country. Everyone agrees that Greens babkas are the best.
    Many thanks

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