Banh Mi by Mai

When I got my sandwich, I was so damn hungry that I forgot to take a photo.  Tears.

When I got my sandwich, I was so damn hungry that I forgot to take a photo. Tears.

Hot tip!: Mai is now selling Banh Mi sandwiches.  Not only is there a tasty vegan version, it’s her mother’s recipe.  Mothers always make delicious food (except my mother.  Sorry Mom!), so you know it is good.

Critical Datas:

  • $7 limited delivery
  • Made with love and rat poison*
  • Vegan / veggie / meat versions
  • Meat changes weekly
  • twitter

Full disclosure: I ate this sandwich for free.  Anyone who wants me to hawk their wares on the blog, I take bribes in all forms (although I cannot promise I won’t be honest.  Brutally honest).

* rat poison is opt-in only

11 Responses to “Banh Mi by Mai”

  1. arachne says:

    As the mother of Kevin, I must protest the comment about my cooking. I’m not a bad cook. I simply have no interest in cooking and so choose not to cook. Kevin, you should thank me for your ability to cook. You wouldn’t be as good as you are if you hadn’t been forced to do your own cooking or starve!

  2. Jim says:

    $7 for a bahn mi? God you Missionites are gullible.

    • End Slavery says:

      $7 is totally reasonable!
      Think of this as Fair Trade Banh Mi- no illegal immigrant slaves harmed in the making of these sandwiches.
      Wake up people! Our food industry is based on neo-slavery! If you make over $40K/year working only 9to5 then shut your pie hole!
      If price is your only guide, then you are lost!

  3. stiiv says:

    Missionites may be gullible, but they’re not very good eating. So trapping, though easy, is pointless.

  4. mai says:

    I understand $7 is expensive for a banh mi if you buy it on Larkin Street. But I deliver and am competing against Bi-Rite (which charges $8.99), Pal’s Takeaway ($7.50), and Kitchenette ($8.50) – so on that tip I’m cheaper and all you have to do is answer your doorbell.

    • meave says:

      It looks gorgeous! And I am totally happy to have a vegan banh mi in the neighborhood. You have to count the cost of getting to Civic Center and back as part of the sandwich price, if you take bart/muni, in which case, add $2. This delivery business, it is nice.

    • We at Janky Industries, known for one of our subsidiary companies Banh Mi Cart, are interested in your new venture.

      Though you do charge Gentrification Prices, we are interested in folding your company under our fiscal umbrella to help you weather the economic storm that we Americans live with these days.

      Also, are you serving today? Mom is coming over and having lunch delivered sounds like a good plan.

  5. Dino says:

    I’ve had one of Mai’s banh mi…home-made pork pate & super fresh carrot daikon. $7 is a steal. These sandwiches are REALLY good.

  6. Eric says:

    So, I see the rat poison is optional – but if I want it, do I have to pay extra? And can we order sandwiches to be delivered to “friends”?

  7. alicia says:

    I’ve had Mai’s banh mi and it’s a steal at $7. Not only is it enormous (almost twice the size of the non-delivery ones I’ve bought) but everything from the mayo to the pickled veg to the pate is made from scratch.

    Plus, having a cute girl show up on your doorstep with your lunch should by all rights be $50 extra.