Jonathan Richman Does the Make-Out Room

Everyone’s favorite one-trick pony will be performing live  at the Make-Out Room for four days straight starting this Sunday!richman_012

Hey now! It’s Jonathan Richman!

This manchild will be playing mere blocks from your home September 20th-23rd, so catch him while he’s hot.

Do you care?  Did you ever?  San Franciscans often shit humongous bricks over this guy, I’m curious to hear if this is still the case.

7 Responses to “Jonathan Richman Does the Make-Out Room”

  1. frank zappa says:

    Your calling Jonathan Richman a one trick pony = me removing the bookmark for this blog.


    Who annointed you Emperor Norton of culture? By being young? Or because “you can”?

    That sound you hear is your sphincter tightening as I delete said bookmark.

    Enjoy the Mission. Please STAY THERE.

  2. chimaerandi says:

    Agreed, Frank. Jonathan is great, and I find it’s often hipsters determined to be jaded about everything that discount his recent work over the Modern Lovers.

    I don’t even like The Modern Lovers that much.

    He’s great in concert, always tries to give a great show, and is one of the NICEST musicians/celebrities I have ever met.

  3. brian says:

    Am I old now or something? Over “this guy”!? I’ve seen him enough that I probably won’t go, but fuck man, Modern Lovers.

  4. brian says:

    Damn, Kat burning bridges left and right before she even gets started.

  5. Neo Displacer says:

    Jonathan Richmond is way cool
    “we saw the lovers, the Modern Lovers, and they looked very good, they looked as if the could.”

    I saw him in 1987 in a back yard in Davis. Just him, his guitar, and his infectious smile. It was so good. Somewhere buried in and packed away among my keepsakes is a picture of that day.

    When the show is over at The Make Room everyone can walk over to the Lex, ah uhm.

  6. D says:

    Oh come on! The only reason to read is Kat. More Kat less everything else!

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