24th/Shotwell Shooting Friday Night

Shit!  This is like that Ice Cube song but the exact opposite:

One person was killed and another injured in a shooting Friday night in San Francisco’s Mission District, police said.

The shooting happened at about 7:10 p.m. in the area of 24th and Shotwell streets, according to police. A male victim was killed and a second victim was injured, police said.

Ack!  Be careful, everybody.  I mean it.

(From KTVU)

3 Responses to “24th/Shotwell Shooting Friday Night”

  1. codesmith says:

    What?! I live near that corner and heard nothing…

  2. J'onn J'onzz says:

    I live down the street from where this happened. Was getting dressed, when I heard about 2-3 shots. Sounded like a .38 revolver to me, very loud. I also heard what sounded like a couple bottles breaking.

    I ran to the window to get a peek, and I saw about 6-7 latino guys ages 16-20, in long white t-shirts (3-4 sizes too big) and jeans. There was a white limo double parked outside Boost mobile, and the gangbangers were pacing around, hooting and hollering. There was a female that came out of the backseat of the limo, and she said something I could not decipher to the gangbangers. I heard a passerby say they were calling the police. Two silver colored cars (one looked like CRV and the other like a Hyundai) sped away from the scene, while the gangbangers ran northbound on Shotwell St. Weird thing is, I could not see if anyone was wounded. The police arrived about 15-20 minutes later and cordoned off 24th St. between South Van Ness and Shotwell.

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