German Dog Poop Defies Physics

I’m serious, berlin’ is one of the better reads on the internet. This week, they puzzle over how a dog in their neighborhood manages to mount its poop up on walls all along their block. WTF! Link.

3 Responses to “German Dog Poop Defies Physics”

  1. Lapidgeon says:

    This reminds me of my time as a preschool camp counselor. Invariably once a week some kid would go to the potty then emerge smiling and happy. Unfortunately with a pre schooler its never that simple so you always have to check. So, there you are peeking into the toilet and what do you see but poop everywhere; as though the child crapped into their hands and flung feces around the room along with a health smattering of toilet paper and maybe some pee just for flavor. And you would be left with this same sense of wonder, “how did this happen?”. How indeed.

  2. pat says:

    The way those phtos are presented looks like a very narrow alley, that I would not want to have to go down to get to the other side.