Be Yourselves, Pussies

2Krill drops some knowledge on the “cool kid” vs. “hipster” debate Allan started way back in the prehistoric days of February:

I call them faggots because that’s what they are. Back in the days we would have called them faggots too or wannabes, fakes, flakes, etc… They try too hard, so we could just call them fail too. There’s nothing cool about being a trendy faggot. Be yourselves, pussies.

(link to the flame-war in-progress)

2 Responses to “Be Yourselves, Pussies”

  1. Bro says:

    This blog is the definition of “wannabes” or “posers” taking to the internet to make “friends”

    • Matthew says:

      “Bro,” “I” “am” “very” “confused” “by” “your” “post.” “Why” “all” “the” “quotation” “marks” “?”