Fan Mail: Appropriating third world food and selling it on the streets to white crackers in sf

This nugget of win just came screaming into my inbox.

In response to the Magic Curry Kart starting a new Vietnamese porridge venture:

fuck white crackers with their start business loans and white cracker investors appropriating third world food and selling it on the streets to white crackers in sf and getting published in magazines and all you white yuppie/hipster cracker asses praising their bland ass versions in your yelp reviews and shitty cracker blogs. fuck you chef.


Be Yourselves, Pussies

2Krill drops some knowledge on the “cool kid” vs. “hipster” debate Allan started way back in the prehistoric days of February:

I call them faggots because that’s what they are. Back in the days we would have called them faggots too or wannabes, fakes, flakes, etc… They try too hard, so we could just call them fail too. There’s nothing cool about being a trendy faggot. Be yourselves, pussies.

(link to the flame-war in-progress)

Hitler Prefers El Farolito

This and other comment-gold over at SFist.

Reminder: Dolores Park Community Meeting Tonight

Tonight at 7pm, neighborhood residents all lovers of Dolores Park will gather at the Dolores Park Church (455 Dolores) to “form goals and strategize.”  Some neighborhood policy setters will be there, so if you care about the city making community events more rare, your right to picnic, grilling pork, trash, noise, dogs off-leash, dogs on-leash, pedophile hipsters smoking cigarettes near the swings, or whatever your issue is, show up.

Previously on Mission Mission:

Leaked Memo Reveals Effort to 'Improve' Dolores Park

dolores park

I know this looks newsy, but feel free to pay attention anyway. Reader A. tonight forwarded along an internal email memo circulated by the group SafeCleanGreen Mission Dolores. The memo, titled “Dolores Park Progress Report,” updates members on progress made on each of a number of concerns and initiatives.

Most of what they’re talking about here sounds entirely positive: improved safety, improved sanitation and irrigation, improved signage.

The thing is, with improvement comes sacrifice apparently. They are down on dogs, big events, drinking and drugs — things that absolutely make Dolores Park the bastion of freedom and fun so many of us know and love. And maybe that’s fine. Change can be good.

But when a group angling for change lauds increased police presence for its ability to “dampen the spirits of those who are inclined to come to DP for unfettered drinking and carousing,” it gives us pause. We are wary of any organization so giddy about dampening the spirits of others.

The memo says, “Rec&Park recognizes the need to set a new tone in the park.” And maybe that’s true. Maybe somebody needs to remind people more forcefully to pick up their god damn trash.

But should that job be entrusted to a closed organization? The group’s website explains:

SafeCleanGreen membership is by invitation or referral only. To join, please email and tell us a little bit about yourself and how you found out about us. Be sure to include your address and contact information. You’ll hear back shortly from our Yahoo Group Moderator.”

In any case, maybe it is the end of an era. Maybe it’s time for dogs to be on leashes and community events to be denied permits. Maybe this group is on the right track. Or, maybe they’re a mobilized minority trying to flip the script on a beloved national treasure behind everyone’s back. This is not for us to say. And this is not a call to action, as this is not a call-to-action type blog. But if citizens outside this closed organization have an opinion to voice too, the memo name drops Dolores Park Park Manager Bob Palacio ( ) and Supervisor Bevan Dufty ( ).

Full memo after the jump.


Foursquare Conveniently Lists Dolores Park Stereotypes

Dolores Park Foursquare TagsUsers of Foursquare, an unpopular location-based mobile social network, have quite a bit of hate for Dolores Park.  Kids?  Transplants?  Hipster Hive?  Fixieknoll?  Banana Hammocks????  Thanks, Foursquare.  Next time I want to sound like an elitist ass while describing D.P. to some friends, I’ll bust out this list.

Banana Hammocks can be found all over Dolores Park.  Easily spotted near all the gay, fixie-riding, hipster transplants selling pot.

Banana Hammocks can be found all over Dolores Park. Easily spotted near all the gay, fixie-riding, hipster transplants selling pot.

Illegal Soapbox Derby Cancelled?

Reader Janet C. forwards us this shite piece of news:

Per a posting on a list I’m a member of:

This weekend on the Bernal Hill was to be the Soap Box Derby. I have
just been informed that the event is illegal and SFPD with RPD Park
Patrol will force the cancellation of the event.Please be advised and
spread the word.

Safety Network Organizer
Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center
(415)206-2140 ext 155


Not sure where Janet starts and Sabrina ends, but, shit. Can anybody confirm? Is there a plan to resist? Should I bring my Kevlar? Link.

Update: Todd assures us: “Totally NOT CANCELLED.”