Fan Mail: Appropriating third world food and selling it on the streets to white crackers in sf

This nugget of win just came screaming into my inbox.

In response to the Magic Curry Kart starting a new Vietnamese porridge venture:

fuck white crackers with their start business loans and white cracker investors appropriating third world food and selling it on the streets to white crackers in sf and getting published in magazines and all you white yuppie/hipster cracker asses praising their bland ass versions in your yelp reviews and shitty cracker blogs. fuck you chef.


73 Responses to “Fan Mail: Appropriating third world food and selling it on the streets to white crackers in sf”

  1. blagguy says:

    “You wanna fuck on me?!”

  2. jimbeam says:

    Welcome to the 21st century. Have fun resisting it.

  3. M.A.C. says:

    how perfectly racist and hate-filled.

  4. Concerned Guajolote says:

    I believe the new word is “marshmallow” (what the NYPD calls hipsters, it was recently discovered, because they are soft and white.) Cracker is a little unimaginative, and “white cracker” is repetitively redundant.

  5. mai says:

    awesome. am i a “white cracker” too?

  6. SFDoggy says:

    Actully, in SF most people prefer whole grain crackers to bland white crackers. I mean do you every see Saltines anywhere any more? This guy knows nothing about food trends here.

  7. Sean says:

    That’s one really long sentence. Bullet points might have been more compelling. Yeah, bullet points an’ semicolons an’ shit.

  8. Cho says:

    I smell a bitter bug!

  9. binky says:

    i am starting a cracker cart – tonight a dolores

  10. Neo Displacer says:

    Take the best and leave the rest!

  11. taog says:

    sorry to say but the dude has got a pretty valid point.
    this city is full of rich white kids who haven’t a clue of social consciousness about people of color. a white person “appropriating third world food” to sell is in my humble opinion, cultural violence.

    • Sean says:

      Melted Velveeta on Wonder bread for everyone (er, rather, the white people). Yay!

    • joshua says:

      this city is full of rich black kids & rich asian kids & rich whatevers. its full of everything. its called AMERICA & the funny thing is, people are still calling themselves black, white, whatever, sorry bub, you’re all american. if a black californian goes to germany, they’re not calling him african american, they’re calling him american.

      • taog says:

        consider the causes of gentrification on people of color: people with more resources moving in to a neighborhood and displacing original tenants, raising of rent, people appropriating other foods for commercial success causing magazine write-ups… ha. you’re right totally AMERICAN, and totally jacked up.

        Neo Displacer up there says it best: Take the best, and leave the rest! It’s that kind of mentality that takes up no social responsibility or cultural consciousness which is incredibly violent.

      • taog says:

        i think it’s ignorant that you consider people to be just American and nothing else. what? people aren’t queer? a person of color? poor? rich?

        i’m sorry but you suggesting that the color of someone’s skin isn’t an issue for much of this country then you’ve obviously got tunnel vision or are completely privileged and haven’t experienced problems with racism, oppression, or other social ills.

      • M.A.C. says:

        we’re talking about a $5 bowl of curry. Seriously, let it go.

      • Jeff D. says:

        at times i too lament the “displacement” phenom. then again, when i moved into my Mission apartment, it didn’t require the ejection of a poor non-white. just sayin’.

      • effthat says:

        “this city is full of rich black kids…” uhhh…. what? what city do YOU live in? maybe that’s the propaganda you grew up but it doesn’t make it true.

        and yeah, if black people go to Germany, they get called black, just like anywhere else…

      • hep says:

        yeah everyone in hunters point is totally awesomely rich and still just living there for the street cred, i’m sure.

      • PaddyW says:

        Actually, they’re not calling him “black”, they’re calling him “Schwarz”.

    • jimbeam says:

      Dude, are you really, really going to apply some identity politic pomo bs to Americanized Asian cuisine? I mean, really? That battle was lost years ago, fuck if it’s in a food cart.

      What this does is make it way easier to avoid ACTUAL VIOLENCE (both physical and “cultural”) because by using that term in this circumstance you essentially give it no meaning. Under this logic pretty much everything mass culture/media in the US does is appropriating from someone and ergo violence. It’s the Culture Industry. What’s being sold on our streets isn’t actually appropriated from the third world. It’s actually a representation of a representation of the third world. If you think this does ACTUAL harm to the third world then you’re delusional (beyond the structure, as a whole, doing harm).

    • Jay says:

      taog, what are you recommending to do to solve this plight?

    • SFDoggy says:

      @Taog: “Cultural Violence”? Please tell me that you head is not so far up your ass that this is actually a serious comment? We are talking about food here. If somebody is making something tasty that other people like (even if it is not “authentic”), why should anyone, anywhere have any reason to complain. If you don’t like it set up your own competing food cart. Otherwise, get over yourself.
      (BTW, your opinions are not humble, they are pretentious and oppressive).

      • taog says:

        it’s just food to the average white-minded-capitalist-shitfuck. yea, harmless, i’d say. think about the bigger picture.

        i doubt any of you who have more than a sentence to say are colored,queer, living on the fringe of society, and haven’t had an experience of “other” or “coloredness” in this city. i’d gather that all this defense about something being as simple as food stems from some sort of guilt because someone has the audacity to bring some off-kilter radical argument about race politics into the mix regarding a diet thus bursting your collectively white picket-fenced bubble. grow up in a ghetto without safety nets and then argue.

        all i was saying was that there is validity to the ‘fuck white cracker’ appropriating food statement. if it bothers you, i’m glad. i doubt it will ever cement in your dome like it does to others.

        this city is full of rich white people, not rich colored people. anyone who thinks that there is no consequence to that dynamic of power is quite ignorant, sheltered, comfortable, and unwilling to acknowledge or challenge themselves to some real social woes that a great majority of people experience in this country (not germany).

        yes its “just” food. “white” food.
        cook at home cracker and fuck these businesses.

        and i could careless if it were about some other good or service, the point of my statement was to put up front some sort of light to race/cultural dynamic that i feel a shitton of people in this neighborhood are ignorant towards.

    • phlavor says:

      Is it disproportionate that “Chinese food” restaurants are typically run by Vietnamese immigrants? Or that you will find a mostly Mexican staff cooking food of any ethnic origin?

      I make a hell of a Thia curry. Should I not share that ability with other people because I’m a white guy who happened to be born in England? Should I be regimented to cooking Fish and Chips or whatever the fuck British Cuisine is for the rest of my life?

      Grow up. Entrepreneurs open businesses. If a South African beat an Indian to the idea of a Naan cart, he or she wins.

      • taog says:

        i’m aware that shit like that happens. people need to make a living. yeah yada yada.

        he or she wins = capitalistic hooha!

        when a dominant aka oppressive aka imperialist culture appropriates an ethnic cuisine for their own benefit and monetary gain “wins” and is justified to do so strictly for profits sake without thinking about what that does to the actual cultures and peoples who can’t survive in the given local economy and people agree to it then i think we should just open up an american apparel on everyones front porch… cause it’s just that profitable.

        fuck you.

      • phlavor says:


        Here’s where you’re missing the point. I’m not an “imperialist culture.” I neither dominate nor do I oppress. I’m just a guy. A rather large guy who you just told to fuck off, but just a guy none the less.

        You, on the other hand, are irrefutable proof of a theory:

      • jimbeam says:

        Hahaha, so true.

    • Ed says:

      Dude, when you finish commenting can I borrow your Anthro-10 notes from last week? I got my bullshit stuck in my mini fridge.

    • Jay says:

      This conversation is why I love Mission Mission.

    • Jay says:

      We should work on mandatory eating rules requiring people to eat food of their own cultural origin or whatever culture they identify with, otherwise we the people should write an essay detailing our feelings on what the other cultural ramifications the meal will have on the makers.

      To start I will think about what the Quakers went through to produce this hearty bowl of oatmeal. And what the bees had to sacrifice to make this honey.

      I wish I wasn’t of German/Spanish origin!

    • hep says:

      at least one person here isn’t the typical white kid pretending that since they “don’t see color” the rest of the world doesn’t either.

      also spot on to your comment below about growing up in the city as a POC, SF BAY one of the most racist spots in the US, unless you are a white liberal.

    • SFDoggy says:

      @taog: The only sensible thing you have said is that you are making an off-kilter radical argument; except that you are really arent’ making an argument; you are just trying to argue by insulting people. So that just leaves you as off-kilter and radical.
      Its funny that you think we live in a bubble; but really you are the one so wrapped up in your bizarre ideology that you are unable to even communicate with real world any longer. You need to get real and get a life and stop hating people just because they are white (even if you are white yourself).

    • PaddyW says:

      So, if we apply your logic and reasoning to, say, music, then great pianists like Yundi Li and Lang Lang are committing acts of “cultural violence” every time they play a Rachmaninoff piano concerto or a Chopin Nocturne.

  12. M.A.C. says:

    Making curry and selling it to whoever is willing to buy it is not cultural violence and has NOTHING to do with social consciousness. You must be fucking joking.

  13. chalkman says:

    Beware the Carts of Cultural Oppression! Stop them now before it’s too late!

  14. stax says:

    in protest, the tamale lady should start selling welsh rarebit.

  15. Manuelito says:

    instead of saying “yuppie/hipsters” i say “yupsters” to save time

  16. Isore says:

    Strange, most of the third world here in SF is busy shoving McMinimeals down their gullets…what’s so revolutionary about that? Let the cracker-ass foodie culture vultures pick the weird shit off the carcass of gastronomy and sell it to each other…like the vultures in India, they provide a valuable service (besides beings Marks with ipods and laptops to jack). Yo.

  17. nothanks says:

    everyone still ends up a corpse.

  18. pegmapress says:

    So does that mean someone will get with me and my indignation at having to pay $5 for a fucking plate of polenta?

  19. raimondo says:

    and what about all those non-italians selling pasta?! anti-italian imperialismo! basta pasta! tutti foodies!

  20. Ian says:

    Spot on and brilliant!

  21. jacksonb says:

    Well fuck you nigga!

  22. herbcaen says:

    Well, if white people aren’t allowed to sell “ethnic” cuisine, then what gives all of the black, latino, and asian gangsters the right to use firearms? STOP CO-OPTING MY CULTURAL HERITAGE you shitfucks. Please go back to using spears and wearing loincloths and leave the austere sanctity of the gun intact with us whitefolk. Also, stop using computers, riding in and/or driving cars, buses, planes, trains, rockets, space shuttles, etc.—you are out of your element.

    • Eric says:

      You dipshit, the Chinese invented gun powder.

    • taog says:

      who wants to co-opt your imperialist cultural heritage herbcaen? i would rather slit my wrists and let my blood flow in and around your ass.

      and for you to suggest that gangsters of color are heavily armed and unlike tweaked out hicks or white power nazis then you shouldn’t even be talking

      and what do you mean “you are out of your element?”
      are you suggesting that ethnic people should be deported?

      fascist pig!

      • herbcaen says:

        My post was pretty ridiculous, right? Not unlike the original “letter” that spawned all of this, no?

        Choking on your own bile would be a terrible way to go. May I suggest going out for a walk or something?


    • hep says:

      newsflash, many of us chicanos have been here in california since it *was* the republic of mexico. so why don’t we further discuss exactly who is ripping off who around here.

  23. loosecharm says:

    Friday night sounds like a good night to tip food carts.
    See ya at the revolution.

  24. hep says:

    welcome to cultural appropriation, and then gentrification justifications. white people, stealing from POCS since the middle ages.

  25. bikesrule says:


  26. [...] Fan Mail: Appropriating third world food and selling it on the streets to white crackers in sf This nugget of win just came screaming into my inbox. In response to the Magic Curry Kart starting a new Vietnamese [...] [...]

  27. Ian says:

    I want Mexican food. Look in restaurant and see more crackers than brownies. I say f**kit and look for another spot. I want Chinese food. Look in restaurant and see more crackers than yellows. I say f**kit and look for another spot. I want Indian food. Look in restaurant and see more crackers than…and the cycle continues.

    Cracker making and serving curry or Vietnamese concoction with mainly cracker customers…just say f**kit and move on.

    • ChunkyDoRight says:

      I want German food. Look in restaurant and see more crackers than krauts. I say f**kit and look for another spot.

  28. Alice Jean says:

    You is making the crackers all mad now, blood.

  29. snedden shreddin says:

    I’m more worried about the Chinese and Koreans making horrible Japanese food.