TCB: The Motion Picture

I know I’ve already gushed about TCB Courier, but their new commercial is killer.  Fixies, grabbing a pizza box while riding, diving into Bender’s to deliver said pizza and the whole production is topped off with some badass metal music.

(Must see Vimeo)

13 Responses to “TCB: The Motion Picture”

  1. Mission Mistaken says:

    Very cute. A bit hairy (the faces and the stunts), but cute.

  2. hoody hoo says:

    are you supposed to tip these dudes on top of the 6 dollar delivery fee? because then this begins to sounds unappealing to me.

  3. lapidgeon says:

    Love the idea but that pizza had to be in terrible condition upon delivery being as it was held and transported vertically. Poor pizza.

  4. CAIR says:

    hoody if you want to tip you can but just paying for the food and the service then thats it

  5. snedden shreddin says:

    Pt. 2: “Getting a cease and desist for using the copyrighted “T.C.B.” name”.

  6. double_BUBBLE says:

    I read on the TCB Twitter feed that some ladies called with a “special delivery” request, but that the TCB’ers said “nay” to preserve their honest to goodness reputation. C’mon, guys! :) What this city needs is a bike messenger sex scandal. Please post more photos of those biker guys — so cute!

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