Lark in the Morning Closed

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A tipster informs us that Lark in the Morning has shut their doors because they can’t stand for their world class music to be near such mediocre pizza.  ”Moving guys are there clearing everything out.”

15 Responses to “Lark in the Morning Closed”

  1. Lark in the Morning has closed all of their brick and mortars (including Seattle and Mendocino). It’s a damn shame, but the owners feel they don’t need to spend the energy on staff and space when they have a strong online presence.
    In my opinion, the popularity of their site was largely based on people’s love of their experiences in the stores. I’m going to miss having such an awesome store in our neighborhood.

  2. M.A.C. says:

    what the fuck is Lark In The Morning?

  3. aquariux says:

    that’s a shame. love their store, but all their stuff is way expensive!

  4. Bro in the Morning says:

    As mayor and former next door neighbor to Lark In the Morning, I feel I must say a few words in eulogy.

    Lark in the Morning was a store for bros. Not regular mnstrm bros, but bros who truly understand what it means to be authentic. Bros could be seen going in and out of Lark in the Morning from morn til night, seeking authenticity in the form of banjos, ukeleles, bagpipe reeds, and all other manner of authentic musical instruments. Walking into the store was like walking into one’s ancestral bro home. The ceiling and walls weren’t all corporate and bare, but instead looked like something you’d find in a locked, hidden room in a Scottish castle, being a bower of wood, string, and pipes.

    Living next to Lark in the Morning gave me a sense of connection to the authentic brommunity, as it must have to all the bros who larked about its doors. Lark in the Morning, u will be missed. May your stores lark in the heavens with medieval banjo accompaniment. <3 U /// MISS U /// R.I.P.

  5. felixincognito says:

    this doesn’t come as a surprise. lark in the morning dealt with such a niche clientele that it was probably hard to make ends meet, i assume. up until recently, i worked at a classical guitar shop that had some of the same problems running the retail section. luckily, when the retail shop wasn’t making enough cash, the mail order business downstairs was doing well and vice versa.

  6. fluffy says:

    God damnit! I kept on meaning to get around to going there someday because I am infatuated with collecting weird and wonderful musical instruments, and now it’s too late. I really need to learn better.
    :( :( :(

  7. Chip says:

    As of April 2010, the Mendocino store is still open.

    Looks like all the others are gone, though. Sad!

  8. charles says:

    I ordered a book at lark in the morning shop. they took the money but i never received the book and the don t answer my mails and now the shop is closed!

  9. Claude says:

    I can’t get on the online shop, either. Maybe they went under completely.

  10. Katrina Kiefer says:

    The original owners are back and rebuilding the business. They have a presence in Mendocino and online.

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