Murat Deported Tomorrow

Bonjour!  Just so you know, I have no opinions to express in this post here.  Just the fact’s ma’am, letting you know about a French dude,  a food cart, and a deportation, all in the Mission district.  Perhaps you have already read the some background on the tale here on Mission Mission.

The Amuse Bouche newsletter included a note from Murat’s wife today:

Dear Friends,

It is now final: Murat will be leaving the country on Thursday, November 12th. Our request for deferred action was denied, and even though we filed our green card application it did not bring about a reversal in ICE’s decision to deport him. Murat and I considered delaying the process further to see if he could make his way in front of a judge but decided that the disadvantages (mostly his continuing internment and the suffering it has caused to ourselves and our families) is not worth the gamble. So, I bought his plane ticket today.

As you might imagine we are filled with mixed emotions. It is a shame that Murat is being treated like a criminal and that the life we have built in San Francisco is coming to such an abrupt end. At the same time, we are infinitely glad that he will have his freedom back and that our families, and a whole new life awaits us in France. We are also very thankful for ALL the love and support you have shown us during this difficult time. I will never forget the t-shirts, the good wishes, the many many offers of legal, financial and emotional assistance. I know that once Murat is back in France and reads all of his emails he will have things to say of his own, so I am leaving it at that.

Love and blessings to you all,

Pelin Celebi-Ariner

Take that as you will.  I’m not interested in telling you how to take that.  Would love to hear how you take it in the comments section, though.

[Source: CBS Eye on Blogs]

18 Responses to “Murat Deported Tomorrow”

  1. Sean says:

    Deported to France for procrastinating and missing a deadline. Sounds awful.

  2. Mission Mistaken says:

    Its a bummer, for sure.

  3. I feel for him. I really do. I want to live abroad and securing a work visa is not very easy. Wanting to live in another country (and with your wife) is certainly not an offense.

    That said, he had every chance in the world to get his papers in order. Though I believe the government is overreacting a bit, no one can say he wasn’t given a fair chance to secure his green card.

    • Concerned Guajolote says:

      No, he didn’t have any chance. His wife mentioned that she didn’t make enough money to sponsor him (it’s 125% of federal poverty 3 years back and proof you’ve not been using social services). If he had submitted an application it would have been rejected, automatically.

  4. meave says:

    Oh no, now they have to live in France, with socialized medicine and six-week summer vacations and amazing public transportation. Terrible.

  5. Chris says:

    This whole notion of ‘borders’ just sucks.

  6. billy says:

    im a big fan of deportation, so maybe my views shouldn’t be considered in life. i think it would be much more interesting here if we only had people from one place, like moraga maybe. i just met this girl from moraga and she’s pretty hot, so…….anyways yay america! get ICE’d out! fuck SFWeekly!

  7. Jim says:

    How awful, to be “treated like a criminal” just for breaking a law.

  8. jmission says:

    As a (legal) immigrant myself, I have to say: boo hoo. He missed the deadline – he knew he was illegal – he had ample time to become legal…

    Yes the immigration process sucks and takes a long time – but at least he had the chance to do it the right way – but alas, he didn’t and now he has the suffer the consequences (which were known)….

    sorry for the negativity, but having worked hard for my legal status, my patience for people who don’t and then complain is no longer…..

  9. someJuan says:

    and to top it off, he has to buy his own plane ticket out of here?

  10. barely legal says:

    immigration policy in this country is crap. having said that, i’d be delighted if i was a matter of paperwork away from a green card given that in 6 short months i have to ship out back to the old country.
    anyone want to get married?… anyone?

  11. pixeltan says:

    Its so, so sad that this guy and his family have to leave the country. I mean really, its tough getting your papers together while thousands of other people who came here to flee the f*cked up systems in their countries are being deported everyday that make less than this man.

    Can the people who only voice their support for someone that clearly has (had) more opportunity to stay than the majority of people who were really, true trying to make a better life away from political strife and extreme class division please also get deported for being idiots?

  12. jimbeam says:

    All I know is the graphic Kev picked for this is amazing.

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  14. ptp says:

    worth noting:

    breaking immigration law is a civil offense not a criminal one