The Final Taboo Broken at Mission and Van Ness

Photo and title by James.   We are what we eat, y’all!

I can’t stop looking at this image.  This, plus the negative NYT review of Jonathan Safran Foer’s Go Veg book (which changed Natalie Portman’s life, just like The Shins) I read mere minutes before receiving this photo has given me a lot to think about today.  I’d call it “food for thought,” but that’d be way too much of a mindfuck.

19 Responses to “The Final Taboo Broken at Mission and Van Ness”

  1. redbearded says:

    A friend of mine said that he decided to become vegetarian because he witnessed a scene exactly like this.

  2. Chris says:

    I used to see this on 6th street. One often thinks of oneself as solid and somewhat unflappable, but then one sees a pigeon eating a chicken wing.

  3. vic says:

    once I ate chicked sandwich with fried egg. I thought that was pretty fucked up of me.

  4. ben says:

    Pigeons and chickens aren’t very closely related at all. No closer than humans and sheep, for example.

  5. LINDYLULA says:

    Loads and loads of birds eat other birds.
    Hawks, Falcons, Crows, Owls…

  6. zyzzyva says:

    Once witnessed on Jones St:

    Pigeon 1: roadkill. Pigeon’s last meal had been corn.
    Pigeon 2: standing over carcass of Pigeon 1, eating the corn.

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  8. chalkman says:

    Pigeons would eat their own rotting feet if hungry enough….

    • Lapidgeon says:

      one could only hope. I swear this one pigeon I saw who had the lower scaled section of their leg almost completely severed was thinking about it as he hobbled about.

  9. 24steel says:

    A crow was eating a pigeon atop the telephone pole at 16th and Guerrero and a severed, bloody wing gently floated down, coming to rest near my feet.

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  12. My gawd! The same was at the foot of my bed!

  13. joe the awsome bone says:

    you know what ive reveiwed all of your comments and to be honest are most of you stupid its what happens you see i love to cook and ive even cooked living thing eg lobster winkles and much more food is food to me and i think the pigeon is doing what it can to live plus it would have been better if the pigeon was a chicken the irony of that would be EPIC

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