500 Clubbin'

Ooh!  Pic from everyday photos:

500 Club claims it opens at 6 a.m., but it’s not true.  Don’t try.

This photo makes me feel like I’m in a community swimming pool at 8 a.m. Wow.  Well done.

I went to Doc’s Clock tonight and there was some serious B&T action going on.  What’s the story with that place?  I’ve always loved it, but tonight, it seemed as though everyone had on tank tops and jeans and no one was drinking.  Buzzkill.

25 Responses to “500 Clubbin'”

  1. felixincognito says:

    if you look closely, it says “not” next to 6am. i didn’t notice until i walked by recently.

  2. fabulous freddy from fremont says:

    You do understand that “B&T” is a term from the East Coast designed to mock people who weren’t rich enough to be able to afford to live in Manhattan, right?

  3. Doc’s Clock started sucking especially hard about a year ago. It’s only fun on weekdays now, sadly.

  4. uselysses says:

    It’s the spillover from the Blue Macaw next door. Really a shame. Still great on the weekdays, tho.

  5. pixeltan says:

    Its been that way for at least a couple years now. Its great during the early part of the week as I live right around the corner from it.

    B&T might have originated from NY, but its pretty much evolved to work in most cities I’ve lived in.

  6. martin says:

    whatever. i live in the mission and was there last night and got to play as much shuffleboard as i wanted. while i have seen some blue macaw douchery, i think its being overblown..i heard all the cool people went to casablanca and beauty bar, maybe you should go there?

  7. marco says:

    you guys are so funny. about how to be a cool a mission spot has to only have you guys there. it used to be cool. well that is until people started showing up and they didn’t want just pabst of schlitz. now the next cool bar is this other bar where the only people drinking there are a bunch of old men drunk on the bar, and the bartender even let’s them still order drinks. well remember when the 500 club used to be cool, before people under 50 started going there? oh wait, it still is cool because … because why? oh yea, it’s still cool because we go there and “they” don’t. cool!

  8. chalkman says:

    500 Club is still awesome, I don’t miss the pool table, but do miss pinball machines with both flippers working….

  9. me says:

    and the 500 has really delicious bacon bloody marys on saturday 12-8 and yummy delicious cocktails wednesdays 3-8? so good. and fire!

  10. Stephan says:

    It was really fun from around 8:30 to 10:00, after that some really stuck up pretentious people showed up so we had to go. When was it that you arrived?

  11. Adam M says:

    In the summer of 2000 I worked graveyard shift at Sparky’s and we’d go to the 500 Club at 6 a.m. after work on Saturdays and Sundays. The guys who worked the closing shift at Molotov’s also did the morning at the 500 a few hours later. They would skate from Molotov’s, stop at Sparky’s for a bite, then go open the 500, where we would catch up with them when the day shift came on. So many hilarious drunken mornings in there, followed by waking up at 8 p.m. with a serious hangover. Disorienting!
    I heard they stopped opening at 6 shortly after that summer.

  12. John R. says:

    I lived across the street from Hank’s 500 in the late 70′s. It was a workingman’s bar where you’d see guys grabbing a morning shot before climbing into their truck. Rainbow Grocery was around the corner on 16th, the Deaf Club was on Valencia, and La Cumbre was the only restaurant. A lot changes in SF in 30 years

  13. Sugar says:

    Doc’s was only unpleasant because you missed the Doggie Happy Hour. Now that is the money shot.

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