Found a Camera in the Mission

This shit is off the hook!  Not only does this group look absolutely elated to be alive, we have a Walter Sobchak lookalike!  Solid.

(Oh, if this is your camera, you can holler to get it back)

4 Responses to “Found a Camera in the Mission”

  1. David says:

    I was in Escape from New York Pizza on 22nd Street about 11:30am New Years day and these two girls came in asking for their “little red camera” they thought they left there. It wasn’t there. Not sure, but could have been the girls in the pic as easily as not (was too focused on my pizza slice to notice their looks).

    • Tom says:

      “This isn’t ‘nam Donnie there are RULES here!”

      p.s. I am THAT guy, Walter Sobchak!

      We were on our way to Sea of Dreams and we were both rocking, AND rolling… hard! good find my friend… not sure whose camera that is though, it may be our friend Daniella (the girl hiding in the middle of the group!)….

      Hope you had as much fun on New Year’s as we did!!! Cheers mate!

  2. Jenn Chan says:

    good deed! thanks for recovering my camera. my roomie steve claimed it for me. i’m the asian chica in the middle screaming “happy NYE” to everybody on the party bus ride until we hit the mission. flyin’ high too! thanks for starting the night right. happy 2010!

  3. Lorraine says:

    This is classic! I know two of the lovely beaming faces here and have a nearly dead-pan identical photo of us on the bus for NYE 2010 back in the Mission as well. Yet have no idea who the others are and would not be surprised if the two I knew just made merriment where they found it. May this year bring good fortune to all :)