Three Reasons Broke-Ass Stuart Thinks The 23rd n' SVN Post Office Blows

Our friend Broke-Ass Stuart has been into lists lately and this is the best of the lot:

1.  There is ALWAYS a line.
Because I generally work from home during the day my hours are pretty flexible.  This means that long lines are generally a rarity in my world.  Whether its the bank, the doctor’s office, Walgreens or fucking Tartine, I rarely have to wait for more than a few minutes before I’m served….Look fucker don’t give me that mock “woe is me” crap, this is the lifestyle I’ve chosen.  You’ve chosen a job with health benefits and 401k, I’ve chosen the one with no lines at Walgreens, alright?

Anyways, for some reason no matter what time of day it is, even if it’s like Tuesday at 1pm there is always a line.  Out of the hundreds of times I’ve set foot in there, I can probably count on my hands how many times the wait has been less than 20 minutes.  What the fuck??  Who the hell else doesn’t have shit to do at 1pm on Tuesday?  they can’t all be underemployed writers who sit around in the boxers working from home all day can they?

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22 Responses to “Three Reasons Broke-Ass Stuart Thinks The 23rd n' SVN Post Office Blows”

  1. slyder24 says:

    Digging the (prison?) ink on the guy in line.

    Broke-Ass Stuart has ads on his blog, so I’m saying he ain’t all that broke.

    Sorry for the largely irrelevant comments.

    • With all due respect (because EPA rocks), having ads on your blog and selling books out of a 23rd+SVN post office doesn’t make you rich. Half the bloggers/writers/journalists in this town are on food stamps and another 40% are afraid to loose the measly jobs they are able to find.

      You know what makes you ‘rich’? Doing web-development for side hussle out of your bedroom while writing a shitty Mission District blog that could never make a dime no matter how hard it tried.

  2. Mark says:

    While I rarely use it, I’ve never had a problem with that post office. Even when I went in to fill out all the paperwork and have my picture taken for a new passport, there was hardly a line and the process was pretty quick. I much prefer this post office to the one at 16th/Bryant, which is smaller and has longer lines.

    • aidan says:

      weird, because my experience is exactly the opposite. whenever I need to pick up a package at 16th & bryant, there’s no one there. if I ever have to set foot in the SVN office, it’s always a shit show.

  3. Mission Mistaken says:

    Side hustle. I love that. HOW DO YOU KEEP UP WITH THE CLEVERNESS? All of my favorites come from my deep south friends: A classic: “It’s rare, but so ‘common.’

    As for Post Offices that are ideal in every way? Out of my cold dead hands. Just like the few remaining choice thrift shops. Ain’t telling. Gotta find them on your own.

  4. Blanche Du Blah says:

    I’ve seen a couple of rage-out episodes from people having to wait in the endless line at this Post Office. Don’t get the African-American counter woman with nails mad, she WILL cut you.

  5. slyder24 says:

    Yeah, I’m just jealous, wish I could get some dough by putting ads on my blog, but I can’t, so I can strike a self-righteous pose. Maybe I should challenge Stuart to a broke-off… nah.

  6. elly says:

    that post office truly is hell on earth. it’s like a third world country in there. or new york city in 1985. the postal workers are so mean that i actually left that place in tears once. also, the last time i went there, i tried to mail an elaborately decorated box, and they refused, telling me they only mail packages in plain white boxes. i had to take it to mailboxes etc. i don’t know what it is with that post office, but he is right, it’s a bad place.

  7. joe says:

    tattooed dude is awesome. he’s always riding around the neighborhood in a weird beach cruiser / lowrider hybrid bike.

    he’s nice.

  8. Rigoberto Hernandez says:

    Broke ass,

    I agree, over the past two months I have been mailing dozens of packets for journalism internships and there is ALWAYS a damn line!

    least time spent: 20 minutes on a Monday morning!

  9. nattles says:

    my one good experience with that post office was maybe 2 or 3 years ago, i went to mail something and didn’t realize that it would be closed on columbus day. there were some nice people giving away home made cookies for idiots like myself that forgot about the holiday.

    otherwise, i loathe that post office.

  10. chalkman says:

    18th and Diamond USPO is much more mellow….

  11. aidan says:

    I use the Daly City office, because it’s close to my work. always much nicer. And there’s always the one at Tiffany & 29th. No one even knows about that one.

  12. dormel says:

    Lord Ha is allowed full use of lane.

  13. Sunshine says:

    Lord lives on the same block as the post office. I know him very well. No those arent prison tattoos. He got tired of putting eyeliner on everyday so decided to tattoo his eyeliner on, himself. Thats how it started. He got a turkey carving knife and put needles in it to make his own tat gun. He tattooed his whole face himself. The rest of his tats have been done by professionals. He’s had a spritual awakening. And yes he was abused. And yes he loves God.