Miss You, Western Massachusetts Farm Country

This feels like something I’d be more likely to see back “home” than in San Francisco.  Anyone want to go take our cable cutters across town, drag this beast back to Dolores Park, climb in, and go for one helluva roll down the hill?

From reader john:

i just want to know if he rolls in it or ghost rides it.  either way, fixed geared fools better start peddalin’ for the hills as i’m sure once this guy assembles the rest of his bike he’ll be doing some big foot-type shit all over their asses.
found it on scott and page or thereabouts.

3 Responses to “Miss You, Western Massachusetts Farm Country”

  1. the ums says:

    long live the happy valley

  2. felixincognito says:

    i still miss the valley from time to time.

  3. vajj says:

    loving the “wicked”
    live free or die