Miss You, Western Massachusetts Farm Country

This feels like something I’d be more likely to see back “home” than in San Francisco.  Anyone want to go take our cable cutters across town, drag this beast back to Dolores Park, climb in, and go for one helluva roll down the hill?

From reader john:

i just want to know if he rolls in it or ghost rides it.  either way, fixed geared fools better start peddalin’ for the hills as i’m sure once this guy assembles the rest of his bike he’ll be doing some big foot-type shit all over their asses.
found it on scott and page or thereabouts.

Taqueria Reina's Gavin Portrait

Katherine says: “is this on missionmission yet?  should be.”

(Link: The Tens SF)

3D and Muddy

Yeah, this isn’t happening in the Mission, but they have tats, are wearing a hella cool tshirt, and look absolutely elated.  I love this photo.

Get the scoop on shirts at Endless Canvass.

Don't Call Me a Hipster

Despite technically having nothing to do with the Mission, this video has everything to do with the Mission.

(link | hip tip Macaframa)

Dick Towel

Screen shot 2009-11-05 at 9.45.36 PM

Proof It’s Always Sunny is probably the best show ever made.

I absolutely cannot wait to watch people rolling around Dolores Park with these bad boys on.

Bike Basket High-Life


Drunk Cyclist is my all-time favorite blog because of shit like this (sorry, Allan).

I Heart Costa Rican Street Art

voltron street art - Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

All this inclement weather has got me reminiscin’ about warmer days foreign lands.  Take Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica: usually known little town to pick up supplies before hiking through the rainforest, sleeping on remote beaches, and maybe accidentally stumbling upon a sea-turtle hatch.  But, really, it just has great street art.  Its park benches and buildings are covered in solid painted jungle scenes.  However, the real gem is finding some random house with Voltron on its walls.

Leisure Activities Are So Much More Fun When They Can Get You Killed

(Massan by Macaframa)