3D and Muddy

Yeah, this isn’t happening in the Mission, but they have tats, are wearing a hella cool tshirt, and look absolutely elated.  I love this photo.

Get the scoop on shirts at Endless Canvass.

9 Responses to “3D and Muddy”

  1. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    This one is just stoopid, pointless and juvenile, which probably fits us to a T. I wouldn’t post a meaningful comment here if my life depended on it.

    Unless I just did.

  2. Ted says:

    ink is sooooooooooooo mission

  3. mickeys big mouth says:

    these chicks are SO much more ‘Mission’ than you’ll ever know…you suck for posting this picture here, too…although they look very cute!

  4. Drew says:

    Oh god, not another miracle whip commercial.

  5. mumbles says:

    O you youths, Western youths,
    So impatient, full of action

  6. Nick says:


  7. mickeys big mouth says:

    Andrea looks rad!