Even Newsom is concerned about Tech’s effect on the SF housing market

Or is he . . . ? He deleted this tweet shortly after he tweeted it. Maybe because it could be seen as criticizing Twitter on Twitter? Maybe because he would seem hypocritical to be concerned about San Francisco’s shifting demographics? Who knows, maybe he was hacked. Maybe he meant it in a positive way, that the Twitter IPO could finally clear out any remaining undesirables. Wait, wait, maybe I’m being too harsh on ol’ Newsom. It was just an ellipsis with an extra dot. Who can know what meaning lay beneath that fourth little dot . . . . ?

Taqueria Reina's Gavin Portrait

Katherine says: “is this on missionmission yet?  should be.”

(Link: The Tens SF)

Snort Cocaine, If Yer Lucky

photo 4

I noticed lots of blow references in the Uptown bathroom last night.  Delirium, sure.  But the Uptown?  Is there some sort of invisible cocaine/yuppie problem there that I’m not hip to?

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Maybe the Best Multipanel Sidewalk Stencil Graffiti Ever?

That’s right, to celebrate the announcement that Mayor Newsom is getting married again, it’s a sidewalk-stencil graffiti street-art ode to “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield — starring Newsom and Ruby Rippey Tourk. See all photos and make them bigger here, or visit them in person on 20th Street between Dolores and Guerrero. Best wishes!

Jessie’s Girl on Wikipedia.

Jessie’s Girl on YouTube.

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Mule Design's Re-Elect Clay Davis T-Shirt

I wanted to get in on the blogging-about-The Wire bandwagon (my favorite so far is Stuff White People Like #85), and then I saw this fabulous t-shirt by Mule Design Studio.

So I’m thinkin, we all know somebody should make a gritty urban crime drama about SF, prominently featuring the Mission District. Sucker Free City took a glorious stab at it (and captured the Mission in all its cinematic wonder), but Spike Lee kiboshed the whole thing. Now The Wire‘s done and Gavin Newsom’s definitely maybe running for governor. He’s Tommy Carcetti incarnate and then some. This is a show waiting to happen: somebody please resurrect SFC or start anew or something.

Visit Mule Design’s blog.

Buy Sucker Free City on Amazon, because it’s really good.