Leisure Activities Are So Much More Fun When They Can Get You Killed

(Massan by Macaframa)

7 Responses to “Leisure Activities Are So Much More Fun When They Can Get You Killed”

  1. Bibbadee says:

    uh….wicked stupid, maybe

  2. Special Sauce says:

    From the texting Muni driver’s POV:

    “LOL!” ….. “OK Tacos & beer” ….. “OK lite & gorditas” “any” ….. …… ….. ….. ….. …… “WTF!”

  3. pdx503 says:


  4. Sporks says:

    Awesome ’til he’s run over by a firetruck, and then he’s just another dead idiot (with some rad vids to remember him by). Until then, rock on, bro!

  5. Mr J says:

    Well shot perhaps, but this is an idiotic celebration of something idiotic (similar to dudes filming themselves vomit after one too many kegstands at a meathead phrat party).

    The rider, the filmaker, and I’m now afraid maybe even this website, give cyclists a bad rap.

  6. z says:

    this gave me chills.

    a good friend of mine died riding a fixie in an illegal city bike race two years ago. Ever since I have had occasional flashes of him slamming against the windshield as I ride around town. He left behind a wife, his family, a ridiculously bright future, and I would guess the guy who hit him will never mentally recover.

    Riding a fixie at high speed through a city is inexcusable. Everyone thinks they are invincible, or that you’re going to live fast and die young, but doing this kind of thing also puts everyone around you at risk.

    Riding fixies carefully and conscientiously is fun. But riding like a moron and an a-hole is not a political statement (or at least not the kind you really want to be making).