Pennies V. Fruit Flies

Pennies V. Fruit Flies
Facing an invasion of fruit flies at The Secret Alley, Noel decides to employ a less-than-obvious method of getting rid of them: hanging a plastic bag with water and pennies in it over the counter. The idea being (I think) that the light reflecting out of the bag will confuse the little buggers, causing them to scatter.

Just in case this doesn’t happen to work, anyone have any other helpful ideas? The least obvious the better.

8 Responses to “Pennies V. Fruit Flies”

  1. bri says:

    put a cup of red wine with old bananas in it and put a little funnel on top and tape the sides. the flies will fly in but cannot get back out. works great.

  2. Sheabones says:

    Same as bri’s but use kombucha instead of red wine and old bananas.

  3. fluffy says:

    I’ve always had good luck with using partially-diluted red wine vinegar.

    Incidentally, you get more [fruit] flies with vinegar than with honey.

  4. mj says:

    I use a small bowl with a apple cider vinegar in it (red wine vinegar would be fine too) then mix in 1 drop of dish soap. the vinegar attracts the flies and the drown when they land because the water tension is taken away with the soap. works great!