BART Buttcrack

Okay, so this is clearly no BART boner, but I DID happen to see the most intense wedgie I’ve ever witnessed, today on BART.  I tried to get a good angle on it, but the above photo is the best I could do without giving myself away.

You could see every butt dimple on the babe!  She was standing in the exact line of sight for at least 6 passengers, who could do nothing to avert their gaze but stare at their hands like they’d just miscarried.  Me, I wanted so desperately to help a sister out and pick her butt for her, but social convention wouldn’t allow it.

I hope her buttcheeks are at home, breathing easy, as we speak.

6 Responses to “BART Buttcrack”

  1. Truff says:

    Looks like two bull dog puppies in a pillowcase…

  2. random says:

    Uh… taking pictures of other people’s private parts and posting them on the internet is really creepy.

  3. Vic Wong says:

    Dammit! That’s the second BART Boner mention this week! Now we’ll never get it out of the top posts.

  4. Anonny Nonny says:

    Seems like a new style lately. I’ve seen people do this more and more often, which makes me think it’s not by accident. Maybe it’s Kim Kardashian-make-your-ass-look-bigger-influenced? Less need to get butt implants.

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