Gradient Tights

Fashionist spotted this combination of gray palette and gradient tights on 18th Street recently, lucky for us. It’s like a Tumblr theme you can wear! Link.

8 Responses to “Gradient Tights”

  1. Cosmic Amanda says:

    I wore these on Saturday. Weird! (Also, on sale at Target- $2.50)

  2. Truff says:

    That bro looks good in the tights…

  3. ooh says:

    For the sake of the wearer the dark color should cover the thigh area.

    • Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

      Speak for yourself. I long to lower my head between those thighs. Wimpnoodle.

      • Mission Mistaken says:

        No doubt a full view would reveal the sign she is surely carrying:

        “Wanted: A Cranky Old Mission Guy who will go down on me”

      • Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

        HeyHEYHEY! You kiss your mother with that mouth, Mr/Ms Mistaken? I didn’t say nothing about going down on her — I just want to put my head between those thighs to see if I can still wiggle my ears.

        Also, a back view would probably reveal a bumper sticker that says, “How’m I dressed? Type to tell me!”

  4. Tucker says:

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