Mission Street Food: 'Oh Okay, We'll Take Donations'

As you heard last week, Mission Street Food is working on moving out of their oh-so-classy classy Lung Shan digs and becoming a full-time non-profit restaurant. Their initial $500 investment option was a bit steep for most folks, so they moved over to the kickstarter.com model which allows you to donate arbitrary amounts of money anywhere from $1 and up.

If you donate $50 and up you get a gift certificate to the restaurant for that amount, so it practically pays for itself if you were planning on going there anyway. More details on their blog or just hop over to kickstarter page here. They have to reach their $10,000 goal before May 5th for the funding to happen.

If you aren’t aware of what Mission Street Food is all about, this documentary covers it pretty well.

One Response to “Mission Street Food: 'Oh Okay, We'll Take Donations'”

  1. Mission Mistaken says:

    It all boils down to the money. The more coy one is about that fact, ultimately the more delusional and douche one ends up being.