Jonathan Solo Pompous Asshole

I was like, “Dang, who’s Jonathan Solo?” So I tried this thing Google (after being hipped to it by a commercial during Super Bowl XLIV yesterday) and found out he’s a San Francisco-based artist whose stuff is waaay creepy! See for yourself!

Photo by Marijke J.

6 Responses to “Jonathan Solo Pompous Asshole”

  1. fluffy says:

    That link could use an NSFW warning. Just because someone lives in the Mission doesn’t mean they’re unemployed.

  2. slyder24 says:

    Creepy and disturbing stuff fer sho. But I think that means he’s doing his job; all art is not pretty flowers.

  3. els says:

    this is either the best self promotion or he pissed off some queens… i came across another one of these a few months ago on guerrero and 17th

  4. Billy says:

    just because some jealous tranny is pissed off that someone’s got more talent than there boring butt, who can at best make a sticker with words that rhyme. don’t mean their word carry’s anymore weight than the crazy dude on the muni…
    I think the solo’s onto something…..

  5. I thought I was much worse than a simple Pompous Asshole . . . I admit I have been slacking.

  6. hello
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