Did Your Bike Get Stolen This Morning?

Reader Anna K. witnessed some bikes getting jacked this morning, and served the thieves a heaping bowl of JUSTICE:

I was walking to get some coffee at Rogers this morning and saw two bums acting suspicious around a pair of bikes locked up in front of Jocelyn’s bakery at 20th & Lex.

On my way back I saw the bums running off with the bikes. Called the cops, they picked up the two douche-faces and the bikes are now safe with SFPD.

Thought I’d let you know, in case the owners email you in hopes of finding their wheels.

I only saw the bikes from afar, but here is what I gathered with my limited eyesight.

  • Two (possibly dude’s) road bikes
  • 20 inch frames
  • one maroon
  • one black

To reclaim the bikes, they should call the SFPD non-emergency number at 415 252 1426.

Some might call Anna a hero! Not me though, I’m more into RAZOR scooters.

13 Responses to “Did Your Bike Get Stolen This Morning?”

  1. Jon says:

    Been happening a lot in the area lately. Our house was broken into last weekend and the douchebag broke into our storage units and stole all the bikes. Mid thirties, white, wearing a light coat and a dark baseball cap. If you see him, kick his ass for me.

    • Hilary says:

      Yep, I think that same dude came in and stole a bunch of shit from our buildings garage. From the pics I saw, he looked like a “normal” dude. I often times worry less about the bums.

  2. yeah i would call that heroism. rock on!

    I’m pretty shocked that the SFPD managed to catch them though… they must have been carrying the bikes away still locked up? Otherwise why not… ride off?

  3. meligrosa says:

    cool Anna K. thx for caring! :D

  4. Jim says:

    Cool post, but could certainly do without your ironic afterwords. Is nothing worth taking seriously?

  5. bodah says:

    Hero (in my best jim mora “playoffs” voice)? For sure not. Anna did the “right thing”(morally and ethically). The fact that people seldom do the “right thing” nowadays does not elevate her action(s) to the realm heroic. By way of example, am I heroic for following not stealing from the corner store?

    BTW: the distinction between refraining from something and doing something is without a difference in this situation.

    With that said, Anna did do the right thing.

  6. JP says:

    I’m glad the police were alerted and that the offeders apprehended – amazing really.

    And now a little off topic…I find the use of the term ‘bum’ offensive. If these people were homeless or appeared downtrodden then maybe this term applied to these folks PRIOR to any crime being committed was used to invoke sympathy, I hope it wasn’t used to engender anger, as a synonym for unwelcomed or untrustworthy or worse but intentionally or not this is what the use of the word ‘bum’ can do.

    I would be similarly disturbed if these were well-heeled folks steeling bikes (well maybe more disturbed)…

    Thanks for looking out for others though and being outspoken to curb crime.

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