Tapatio Packets!

Fudgekat asks, “Have you ever seen Tapatio packets?”

I have not, but I would like to see some. Soon. Spilling their guts onto a food item I’m about to consume. Where can I make this happen? (Besides some place in Los Angeles, which is where Fudgekat spotted hers.)

15 Responses to “Tapatio Packets!”

  1. Andrew Sarkarati says:

    hate to rain on the parade, but those have been around here a while. for instance, one comes with every bag of cactus tortilla chips at la palma!

  2. hoodratstuff says:

    I’ve snagged these in a couple of places. most recently at El Metate there was a grip of them in the dining room over near the water cups an whatnot.

  3. GLenda says:

    In chula vista, they have tapatio packets at movie theaters to put on your popcorn or hotdogs. They don’t call it Chula Juana for nothing

  4. 3 Ton says:

    You can also grab some of these guys to spice up your chicken and waffles at Little Skillet

  5. alan says:

    tropiseuno has them

  6. alan says:

    tropisueno i mean

  7. Scodie says:

    Martha bros coffee has them for the bagels w/ egg!

  8. simoom says:

    Also St Francis Fountain provides them when you order take out.

  9. Kate B. says:

    they are at martha’s brothers coffee shop too. at least the church location.

  10. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    Fetishist perverts.

  11. C-LO says:

    Martha Bros on 24th has them as well, I frequently steal them for back-up/travel Tapatio.

  12. Jeremy says:

    Why not buy them? You can get them straight from tapatio. Some Costcos have them too.