This Is What It's Like on the Roof at Medjool


I’m Gonna Fuck You, Man by Tomi Laine Clark

Medjool Something Something Douche by Tomi Laine Clark

10 Responses to “This Is What It's Like on the Roof at Medjool”

  1. This may be the worst Mission Mission post eva. What’s next pictures of kids from Danville drinking PBR in Dolores park?

    Keep up the good work;-)

  2. Allan Hough says:

    Lay off for a minute, you guys. These two are the John Baldessari of 2010!! We’re trying to hover between assertion and belief here, and you’re making it tough.

  3. porkbelly says:

    what….the… fu*#!

  4. bodah says:

    I would like the first to state that there is nothing wrong with these two (besides the fact that she couldn’t figure out the MJ song).

    1. they help sustain jobs in our neighborhood. local sales tax would increase and already feeble social services in the city would decrease if peoples like these two stop spending money, en masse, in the city.

    2. they seem nice enough. i met tons of people just like this in undergrad and law school. not necessarily the most “hipster” among us, but, without knowing them personally, i would go out on a limb and say decent people nonetheless. query whether you would want these two the first on the scene after you get into an accident or two comparable (and apathetic) mission dwellers.

    3. on a 30,000 foot level, nothing wrong with people from out of town coming into the city and hanging out if they are respectful. nothing from the video suggested that these two were anything but.
    just because you chose not to venture into their neighborhood doesn’t mean they are not allowed into ours.

    all i’m suggesting is that we not have knee-jerk puerile reactions like fox news for hipsters.

    • whir says:

      Well said. Really, what’s the deal, they can’t hang out and enjoy the view on a warm spring day because the venue isn’t cool enough?

    • Where in any of the comments has anyone indicated that there is something wrong with people visiting the Mission from out of town? All I said was that it wasn’t worth blogging about. I don’t care who visits the Mission as long as they urinate indoors and pick up their empties.

  5. This post baffles me.

    …also, those fucking hipster avaitor shades are annoying