Carlos Mencia Will Give You Leprosy

Haverhill Fever is a great new blog about some town on the east coast none of us have ever heard of. Yesterday they published this pretty good billboard hack, but they took it a step further than we ever have and actually tracked down the artists responsible and got them to share their story:

We’re into finding places to explore and leaving our mark in subtle ways that are more for humor than anything else. Obviously in this case it was just taking a jab at a bad comedian haha

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3 Responses to “Carlos Mencia Will Give You Leprosy”

  1. Cosmic Amanda says:

    Haverhill is a lot like the Mission, only instead of burritos, we have roast beef sandwiches.

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  3. stent says:

    The person who was quoted on this blog had absolutely nothing to do with this project. He merely knows the people involved and only does anything for the affirmation from cool people. The opinions and motivation expressed are inaccurate. The person quoted is damn a liar. I understand this was posted 3 yrs ago, but it was recently shown to me and it infuriated me:)