Word on the Street: Fake 'Staches Still Amuse

Good thing I was trounced in pinball last night. Had I not been moping down Shotwell in defeat, I wouldn’t have noticed this stencil, which offers an important update on the state of fake mustaches.

I threw a mustache party back in 2008,  still have a supply of pretend pencil thins, and have wondered “are they passé? Or still good for a few chuckles?”

Although, not being a native, maybe I’m misinterpreting  sarcasm here? Best to be cautious next time I encounter someone sportin’ a faux meat sweeper and look for social cues before laughing too loud.

4 Responses to “Word on the Street: Fake 'Staches Still Amuse”

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  2. j says:

    Looks like someone is ripping off this logo, and now you have to come to the show!!


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