Pre-Blogging The Mission

A long time ago in this very land (sometime in 2003) I sat alone in my living room, looking out the window onto Guerrero Street and wondered how I could connect with the people of the neighborhood, hear their thoughts, start a dialogue, without having to actually leave my house and face people in real life. Yes, it sounds sad and lonely. Whatever. The point is, I didn’t know about hyperlocal blogs or anything, so I made do with what I had. Which, apparently, wasn’t much. I figured I’d have to do some fishing.

One morning I tied a piece of paper onto a length of fishing line, attached a pen at the end and lowered them both out the window. I left my house for the day and when I came home that night I reeled the paper in (pen gone).

Here’s what I got:

Good Morning

GOOD MORNING. (if evening, please reverse)

What were you just thinking about?

being @ the beach w/ my aunt

eating pastries

putting a battery in my garage door opener

taking this pen

Hope and nothing but

des paturages sublimes de betes vertigineuses

The other side after the jump (Hey! The other side is the original after the jump!)

Good Evening

GOOD EVENING (if morning please reverse)

What were you just thinking about?

great (?), chilly night

How weird you are!

Matchbox 20

“…Money is money + things are things…”

I just got a great PPS (Prime Parking Spot) Now it’s off to water the gardens….

Down with TARTINE
(I know this is a little negative)

Why is this here?

Is this person cute?


13 Responses to “Pre-Blogging The Mission”

  1. Jane says:

    Super adorable.

  2. laurie bk says:

    you make me want to cry in a good way

  3. no.thanks. says:

    oh, crazy. i do remember seeing something of the like in 03/04

  4. MrEricSir says:

    Did they use the pen responsibly? I’d worry that if I tried this, someone would draw all over my building with the pen.

  5. simoom says:

    oh man, reminds me of some crazy fun we had back in 2000. I used to live at Bush & Jones, one morning we decided to do a little beer can fishing off the roof of our building. Placed a can of Boddingtons’ on the end of my fishing line and lowered it to eyelevel on the sidewalk. People’s reactions were great! Some were afraid & crossed the street, others thought it was fab & had a drink. Some euro tourists even got out the map to look for info on the “Art Piece” and took pictures! Man I LOVE THIS CITY!!!!!!!!

  6. e. says:

    Guerrero. That’s Noe, right?

  7. johnny0 says:

    You were ahead of your time! We still can’t embed images into comments.

    I think your mystery word is “great dinner, chilly night”.

  8. tk says:

    I read somewhere about someone doing something similar with a disposable camera. Leaving it tied to a park bench and then collecting it the next day, I think. Always sounded like a great idea.

    Shit, I should do that.

  9. laurel says:

    oh i’m the one that wrote, “being at the beach with my aunt” my grandma(her mom, my mom’s mom) had just died and i spent some time with her at the beach on the east coast and i was just getting home..anyway…i think about that note pad a lot….i’m glad to know who was behind it.

  10. Siobhann says:

    I’d be really afraid/excited to develop the pics on a mission-bench-disposable camera.

    I’m also certain it would be stolen.