New Parking Signs Going Up On 18th & Valencia

Just spotted ‘em. This city acts fast!


“There Are No Savesies”

12 Responses to “New Parking Signs Going Up On 18th & Valencia”

  1. mcas says:

    How about signs that say, “DO NOT HIT HUMANS WITH YOUR CAR ANY TIME.”

  2. mcas says:

    Stop whining about not being able to find parking- get rid of your car or get a garage.

    There are 280,000 On-Street parking spaces in San Francisco– that’s the same space as all of Golden Gate Park just so YOU can find a convenient space to dump your private property on the public streets for the night.

    • MrEricSir says:

      One time my toilet broke down and I started dumping my private property all over the public streets, if you know what I’m saying.

      • mcas says:

        That’s actually a pretty good metaphor. It’d be like saving $50 on rent each month for not having a bathroom and expecting the city to let you put a clawfoot bathtub in the street and then being OUTRAGED whenever you are asked to pay for storing it there– or someone else using it…

    • livin_the_meme says:

      still pretty hard to find a spot, regardless of your blogledge. besides i need at least 3 spots to park my stretched smart car limo, 4 if i’m gonna parallely.

    • Chris says:

      ‘Get rid of your car’ is such a cop-out. If you work out in the ‘burbs, a car is completely indispensable. And parking when you get home is a major hassle.

      If you don’t need a car, you should consider yourself insanely lucky, but don’t be a jerk about what other people need to make a living.

  3. Jeremy says:

    That’s fucking funny.


  4. Reisanbin says:

    Me likey!

  5. jline says:

    1. The authentic culture of the Mission before recent developments was primarily Hispanic.

    2. The white kids who move to the Mission want to preserve the authentic character of the district. They hate cars because they associate them with the inauthentic suburban culture they’re trying to reject. They believe that discouraging car use will help the culture of the Mission to thrive.

    3. A love for cars is a major characteristic of contemporary Hispanic culture.


    Bonus points if you can persuasively argue that the car culture is a form of cultural imperialism, and the anti-car movement is also a form of cultural imperialism.

    • Jeremy says:

      For extra bonus points, explain how the rise of Car fetishization corresponds to the decrease in available housing for populations. How does the lack of private space in ones home lead to the fetishization of 4 wheeled personal space?

      Does any of this relate to bike culture? Is there personal space to be had on a fixy?

      • Wolf1979 says:

        I support jline argument these so called hipsters better get their facts straight!

        They argue that they are trying to “preserve the authentic culture of La Mision” while in reality they are imposing their own selfish cultural imperialism of the dominant white power structure (just in a different form) they act like they are “great white hope for these poor immigrants” getting involved in causes that have nothing to do with and taking them over just to satisfy their little suburban-minded poser/dusche bag egos.

        Don’t feed me that BS that they are victims of society! now these little punks are telling us in the Latino community cannot own cars.

        Cars have been part of the Mexican/Latino community for generations, in our homelands a car is a sign of prestige and respect. In the US we take good care of our cars and still maintain that it is a sign of prestige, yea sure now a days there people who customize their cars with aftermarket parts & paint jobs, but it is a sign of cultural and artistic expression.

        Besides that Latinos also need cars just like anybody else for practical reasons of getting around, now more so with the decline of MUNI services throughout SF especially on the weekends (take 30 to 50 mins to wait for the next bus especially the 14)and for many people a car is a godsend.

        The anti-car movement is a suburban concept that does not correspond to the reality of La Mision it is an idea of formally suburban white hipsters who are “slumming it!” trying to see what it is like to be poor.

        The effort to try to understand poverty is commendable, but when you start telling us to stop driving cars then you must be high on crack! You say you are anti-imperialist but your selfish actions us otherwise, which gives us the impression that you guy think that we cannot think for ourselves and that we need a white savior to help us out, “because we are so helpless” which I think is bullshit on these hipsters part!!!

        I see all the dumb crap these hipsters call art! It is OK for them to express themselves but it is not OK for us Latinos to do the same WTF is up with that!

        You can take your crappy, PBR, fixies, and poser attitudes and go back to the Castro you little bitches!

  6. marK says:

    Are savesies something that exist out in the suburbs?

    Here is the the city it’s called loitering, and when your loitering prevents someone from legally operating their vehicle it’s illegal.

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