It Burns: Mission HDR Photography

Looks like our pal and favorite experimental photographer Walter Dukes has moved on from the critical “superimposing disembodied celebrity heads and reflective orbs into photos” phase of his career to the wonderful world of retina-searing HDR photography.

Love it or hate it, one thing is for sure: you’ll still be able to see it after closing your eyes for at least 10 minutes.

Check out his flickr for more.


Translucent Rita Hayworth Bust Floating Above Mission Dolores Next To Reflective Orbs

15 Responses to “It Burns: Mission HDR Photography”

  1. sorrentolens says:

    Great photos! Amazing color!!!! Good luck.

  2. subframe says:

    Those are perfect examples of why HDR should require a license to operate. Ouch.

  3. Thetens says:

    These are what it would like if Thomas Kinkade designed the Mission.

  4. This looks like fake HDR done in photoshop

    • walker dukes says:

      There is nothing fake about them, whether you like them or not!

      • Then what’s with the blur around dark objects (light poles, etc.). AFAIK real HDR doesn’t have that, even the gross high-contrasty kind:

      • walker dukes says:

        As far as you know???
        How much do you know? Are you an hdr expert who feels entitled to question (and possibly slander) someone’s work when you don’t know the facts, or just somebody that doesn’t have anything better to do with your time than hassle someone like me.
        The “blur” you noticed around the dark objects is probably hdr haloes…while not desirable, they are fairly common in hdr and the object is to learn how to eliminate them. Obviously, I have some halo problems with some of my hdr images, but they are still real hdr images. See my other reply below.

  5. walker dukes says:

    This is real hdr taken with 3 automatically bracketed exposures and processed through photoshop and photomatix just like a lot of other photograpers do.
    Maybe you don’t like it and that is your point of view…but don’t you dare question my integrity when I tell you they are real hdr.

  6. walker dukes says:

    I am sensitive to unnecessary snarky remarks.

  7. ashraf says:

    I love HRD.. love love love… nice picture there.. and nice HRD… thumbs up!!

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