NYC: It's As If I Never Left

Hey guys, Mission coffee really is that good.

Spotted this Four Barrel love at Maialino, a fancy schmancy pasta place in NYC’s Gramercy/Flatiron neighborhood. Also, Gramercy Tavern, a top rated restaurant around the corner proudly serves Blue Bottle.

Turns out my coffee backup plan of bringing everyone beans from SF was completely unnecessary.

10 Responses to “NYC: It's As If I Never Left”

  1. Kyle Madison says:

    Come on. The majority of SF coffee is burnt shit. I’m sure NYC coffee is better on average.

    • o says:

      yeah totally come ON, dunkin donuts coffee is so much better than blue bottle.

      • Kyle Madison says:

        Because NYC only has Dunkin Donuts!!! HUR HUR HUR!!!!! DOY DOY DOY!!!!

        What kind of fuckwit are you?

    • Sufjan says:


      You couldn’t be more wrong. Name a coffee roaster in NY that’s better than Blue Bottle, Four Barrel, or De La Paz.

      The quality isn’t even remotely close. Coffee in SF, Seattle, and Portland is far superior to anything in New York.

      • Kyle Madison says:

        Blue Bottle is ok, but often a little weak. Ritual is pretty good. Other than that coffee in SF routinely over roasts and calls it flavor.

  2. ndc says:

    It’s not just Mission coffee. Last week I spotted Stumptown being served in Brooklyn also (‘Stumptown’ is Portland if you don’t know — when they first cut down the Oregon forest to make the city they left the stumps, or so they say).

  3. Alamo L7 says:

    Maialino is not a pasta place.

    You should see my face as i say this

    This is insulting. And NYC coffee generally tastes awful.

    The Nerve

  4. Al says:

    Stumptown (in the Ace Hotel and served at a handful of cafes/restaurants throughout the city) has the best coffee in New York. Hands down. They have a roastery in Brooklyn (Red Hook).

    For the record, Blue Bottle also has a roastery and cafe in Brooklyn (Williamsburg) and their beans can be found in Soho at a cafe called Caffeteria:

    Rumor has it Four Barrel will also be opening an outpost in New York some point in the future.

  5. guzzi says:

    sorry guys, to dampen your local pride (or ignorance?). but nyc caught up with the west coast. i did a extensive/intesive coffee tasting tour there in may and i have to say coffee quality is on par with that of sf.
    besides intelligentsia (chi), blue bottle (sf) and stumptown (pdx) there are at least 5 local micro roasteries.
    and many highend coffee places are even on par with sf regarding snootiness of the counter staff…