Clare's East Coast Deli Finally Open

Remember way back in November when this place’s imminent opening was announced? Well, hella months later Eye on Blogs delivers the good news that they’re open and partnered with the 500 Club and TCB Courier. So you can pick up any one of those sandwiches listed above and wash it down with a pint of lager a couple doors down, OR get it delivered right to your door. Welcome to the neighborhood, Clare’s!

3 Responses to “Clare's East Coast Deli Finally Open”

  1. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    OMG! My new home! All other area eateries, buh-bye for now.

    PS: The menu is unreadable, at this time, in Firefox. Download the picture of it and drool.

  2. If East Coast delis were really like this, I wouldn’t have to read a bunch of SF blogs get my rocks off. Just sayin’

  3. tk says:


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