Amazingly Gorgeous

We Built This City, for the second time this week, delivers a picture of some food that looks so good I want to jump through my computer screen and devour. This time it’s the soba salad at Cha-Ya.


This Zante’s Indian Pizza Sure Looks Good Despite the Blurry Cellphone Photography

3 Responses to “Amazingly Gorgeous”

  1. Arthur says:

    Deeeeelicious. I usually get it when I go to Cha-Ya. Don’t forget the Cha-Ya roll!

  2. GG says:

    It tasted as good as it looked. I love Cha-Ya!

  3. WOW! Talk about veg meals that make me want to go SPOOOooo…!

    Oh, I’m sorry… were some of you eating?