Spontaneous Community Chalk Sidewalk Mural On Valencia & 17th

Did someone accidentally/intentionally leave a tub of chalk on the block between 17th and 18th on Valencia? I’m looking at you Chalk Visions. Last night the new sparkly sidewalk was blanketed with scrawlings from dozens of people, or one person with severe schizophrenia. So how do Mission folks choose to express themselves?



… and with HISTORICAL FACTS (with bonus burritojustice shout out! I guess blogger hat-tip etiquette still applies in real life):

Check it out for yourself on 17th and Valencia. Hell, add to it if you want, but it’s probably a BYOC affair at this point.

16 Responses to “Spontaneous Community Chalk Sidewalk Mural On Valencia & 17th”

  1. melissa says:

    This also happened on Tuesday in front of Puerto Alegre, so I’m figuring it’s on purpose!

  2. If ya’ll haven’t noticed, someone’s been attaching art supplies (markers, chalk, colored pencils) to those truncated telephone pole message spots on Valencia between 16th & 17th. If the ‘next-big-douchebag -artist’ show on Bravo is shooting their second season here, then you’ll know who’s responsible. If not, then I guess it’s the usual suspects (drunk hipsters).

  3. Dave R says:

    What’s a hipster?

  4. sheabones says:

    That whole argument about appropriating the bike messenger look when you are not a bike messenger makes sense. it’s like if art school kids started wearing brown shorts and brown shirts and driving brown UPS trucks when they really worked at Tartine.

  5. noearch says:

    So we get nice new sparkly black sidewalks on Valencia and the hipsters have to go fuck it up. thanks.

    do your artwork at home.

  6. unknown says:

    Noearch: we’re glad that the SF Civil Code disagrees with you.

    • noearch says:

      It’s just part of the hipster, have nothing better to do attitude than scrawl some shit they call art on the sidewalk. it means nothing of course, but it’s still crap.

  7. unknown says:

    There’s a lot more chalk on the sidewalk as of 5pm today… 16th to 17th and 18th to 19th, west side…

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