Hawaiian Pigeon Vacation

MM reader John B. recently took a vacation to Hawaii to get away from the pigeony grit that coats our fair neighborhood, but it didn’t exactly work out the way he planned:

we kayaked up the wailua river, went on a short hike to this waterfall and the first thing we saw was this nasty ass, broke down island pigeon.  i know pigeons are a big topic on mm, thought i’d warn you of one place you may not want to go if you’re trying to take a vacation from pigeons.

This pigeon seems to be enjoying a fairly envious life, unlike this curious little fellow I found on Mission Street yesterday (after the jump, NotSafeForMoms, but scientists are encouraged)

How did this even happen?  It’s not really smushed at all, so I’m skeptical that a vehicle was involved in this.  A bicycle perhaps?  Wouldn’t that leave a nasty mess in the spokes?  Dropped from a falcon above?  Scientists, please weigh in on this important matter.

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One Response to “Hawaiian Pigeon Vacation”

  1. friscolex says:

    On Friday, on Annie and Jessie (behind the Palace Hotel), I saw a seagull ripping apart a pigeon. A person of stronger constitution would have taken amazingly odd photos; I was just happy not to puke and made my merry way to the Transbay Terminal, another amazingly odd place…