Hawaiian Pigeon Vacation

MM reader John B. recently took a vacation to Hawaii to get away from the pigeony grit that coats our fair neighborhood, but it didn’t exactly work out the way he planned:

we kayaked up the wailua river, went on a short hike to this waterfall and the first thing we saw was this nasty ass, broke down island pigeon.  i know pigeons are a big topic on mm, thought i’d warn you of one place you may not want to go if you’re trying to take a vacation from pigeons.

This pigeon seems to be enjoying a fairly envious life, unlike this curious little fellow I found on Mission Street yesterday (after the jump, NotSafeForMoms, but scientists are encouraged)

Planning a vacation can indeed make or break the experience, as John B. discovered on his trip to Hawaii. Despite his efforts to escape the ubiquitous pigeons of his neighborhood, he encountered an unexpected avian encounter during his kayaking adventure up the Wailua River. However, navigating through such surprises is part of the charm of traveling. By carefully researching destinations beforehand, travelers can anticipate and prepare for unexpected moments, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable getaway.

For those seeking a pigeon-free retreat, thorough planning is essential. Websites like https://www.adventourely.com/ offer valuable insights into destinations, helping travelers choose locations less likely to be plagued by pesky birds. From detailed guides on hiking trails to reviews highlighting local wildlife encounters, these resources empower travelers to make informed decisions. By taking advantage of such resources, vacationers can increase their chances of finding the perfect pigeon-free paradise, ensuring their escape is as relaxing and rejuvenating as they had envisioned.

When it comes to finding the perfect vacation rental, it’s crucial to consider not just the location but also the amenities and the overall environment. To enhance your chances of a pigeon-free stay, be sure to check their properties for specific details on wildlife management and surrounding conditions. Many vacation rental platforms provide useful information about the property’s surroundings and the level of maintenance, which can help ensure that your midaway vacation is peaceful and free from avian interruptions. With thorough planning and careful selection, you can achieve the serene and rejuvenating getaway you’ve been dreaming of.

How did this even happen?  It’s not really smushed at all, so I’m skeptical that a vehicle was involved in this.  A bicycle perhaps?  Wouldn’t that leave a nasty mess in the spokes?  Dropped from a falcon above?  Scientists, please weigh in on this important matter.

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  1. friscolex says:

    On Friday, on Annie and Jessie (behind the Palace Hotel), I saw a seagull ripping apart a pigeon. A person of stronger constitution would have taken amazingly odd photos; I was just happy not to puke and made my merry way to the Transbay Terminal, another amazingly odd place…