Call For Art That Can Be Thrown From Bicycles

Papergirl SF is teaming up with Mission Bicycle Company for a cool art show of work that can be rolled up and delivered from bikes.

From Papergirl SF:

In the style of American paperboys, rolled art pieces are distributed in the streets to random passers-by for FREE!

Mission Bicycle Co. has offered to be a drop off site for submission (deadline is September 18th) and they are going to host an exhibition of all the work in the Women’s Building on September 26th. So if you don’t mind having your awesome art thrown at strangers on the street, get to work.

Remember, the medium must be deliverable via bike. Don’t just submit flyers for your band’s next show. That would be sort of lame.

One Response to “Call For Art That Can Be Thrown From Bicycles”

  1. who, me? says:

    How about a dead rat?