The Most Ironic Line at Street Food Fest

The SF Street Food Festival organizers learned a lot from last year’s food mob and consequently increased the size and scope of the event almost four-fold this time around.  Nonetheless, a bunch of people still showed up and there were fifty-deep (albeit delicious) lines for all of the booths (at least at 2:30pm).

Burrito Justice has some great panoramas of the festivities (as well as a history lesson, naturally) and points out that although the lines were long, they moved quickly.  However, I still can’t get over the fact that there were 50 people waiting in line for BACON WRAPPED HOTDOGS??!?? Really, the same ones that you can get at any corner in the Mission?  And don’t tell me they were waiting for the virgin sangria or pina coladas!

13 Responses to “The Most Ironic Line at Street Food Fest”

  1. arsecynic says:

    this was a fucking joke…tourists were 20-deep for the generic taco truchas like the one that stays at 23rd x treat (which had no tourists) Super wack we wont be back. I would never Q up for all those mainstream restos like flour & water. Who cares if I couldn’t be seated at their brick and mortar – I;m not lining up like a soup kitchen lifer to get a taste of their gruel.

  2. arsecynic says:

    foodies blow.

  3. El Jeffe says:

    San Francisco’s street food scene has nothing on Portland’s. Every weekday in Portland there is a street food festival, and it’s real street food, not just restaurants that set up outside for the day.

  4. daveH says:

    This just proves that people like standing in lines in San Francisco. “Oh look! A line. let’s all go stand in it.”

  5. olu says:

    I skipped this year because last year was such a flustercluck – sounds like people at least got some food, so it’s improving.

  6. Aesop says:

    You all forget about the start-up business’ that are program particiapnts of La Cocina. These business wait all year for this event and to work side by side with such places as Delfina and Slanted Door. This was about entrepreneurship, not just restaurants setting up for the day. Lucero’s Bacon wrapped hot dog’s may be the only Mission dog vendor who is a legal business- she’s a sign of what is possible. That in itself is reason to cheer her on.

  7. tacotron says:

    Yeah, I’m a foodie… I eat stuff.

  8. Bob Dole says:

    No doubt a meeting place for Yelpers.

  9. Serpentine says:

    ‘Stached Yelpers doin Yoga by a GPS-equipped food cart in fake Winos and jeggings blow.