Dolores Park Magician

While minding our own business at Dolores Park this weekend, we were accosted by a Burner-esque fellow who wanted to perform some magic tricks.  When no one in the surrounding area objected, he proceeded with his act. 

The first trick, in the above video, was obviously a (pretty bad) joke, but the next one actually produced some mystical intrigue.  How does he do it?

Slightly impressed, we decided to contribute a dollar to his Burning Man fund.  We also hipped him to the pre-Playa burners you can see the background practicing for this weekend by wearing furry boas and top hats so he could reside with his own kind.  I also told him how I feel about Burning Man:

The best time to find a girlfriend in San Francisco, because anyone who’s here, well, isn’t there!


Grilled Cheese Vanagon:  Burning Man or Bust

6 Responses to “Dolores Park Magician”

  1. RIGHt ONn, MANn, RIGHt ONnnnnnn…

  2. Matt says:

    Did I ever tell you the story of that one time when I told this really funny joke in front of my friends and they all thought it was great and PEOPLE LOVE ME OKAY.

  3. Alex Smith says:

    HAHAHAHAHA OMG THATS Me I cant believe that you guys posted me…. You rock my socks. E-mail me please :) )))) would love to have some coffee with you guys.

  4. Ferocious Foot Odor says:

    Alex, welcome to San Francisco. Crazy fun sweet people with some gumption is why I moved here lo those many years ago, and the fact that you are here just makes me smile.

  5. Breezee says:

    Before watching this video, I was hoping he would have a super stoner voice!

  6. Billklz says:

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