Dolores Park 20 Years Ago

It’s like, not that different, but completely different. You know what I mean? These pictures that Eric Fischer found someplace make my stomach churn, in a good way.

People hung out at Dolores Park 20 years ago! People took their dogs to Dolores Park 20 years ago! People all drove vintage cars back then! The trees were a little bit smaller back then! I was a little kid back then! Nobody’d quite heard of Nirvana back then!

But the park looks basically the same. And whatever renovations come and go, it’ll probably look basically the same  20 years from now. After we’ve all moved to Portland or New York.

Great find, Eric!

6 Responses to “Dolores Park 20 Years Ago”

  1. Eric Fischer says:

    Thanks! I’m glad it was a good kind of stomach churning.

  2. Bob Dole says:

    Whoa, there aren’t any shirtless hipsters in the background!

  3. gordonedgar says:

    heh. I lived across the street from Dolores Park 20 years ago. I’ve got a bunch of pics of the park, but mostly from protests.

  4. Torger Johnson says:

    We sat on whats now the nude beach the night of the big quake swillin cheap brew in a flannel. Nothing’s changed i guess.