How to Render Your Clipper Card Completely Ineffective

Global X tried this experiment. It didn’t go well:

I waved my Palm Pré close to the RFID reader, even touching it at several angles –it didn’t work. The conductor asked me what I was doing. Rather than get into a technical explanation, I just gave him $2 in cash. EPIC FAIL!

I tried this with a key card once. Worked fine.

Read on if you want.

9 Responses to “How to Render Your Clipper Card Completely Ineffective”

  1. Scott says:

    Usually theres a wire loop antenna in the rest of the card.

  2. sometimes they’ll even stop working if they get cracks around the edge, i think they’re making them too thin

  3. Shane says:

    not sure why you would do this when keeping it in your wallet and pressing your wallet against the sensor works every time

  4. yuris says:

    OK, I just did the same thing to my French NAVIGO metro card – losing a one month, 80$ subscription.

    then discovered this thread =]]]

    Any Ideas on how i could salvage the thing?