Avocado Falafel

Some foodspotter named Omar spotted this thing at some falafel place downtown. Looks pretty good.

The question is, when will somebody invent the La Taqueria/Ali Baba carnitas super falafel, so that it can displace the Zeitgeist Tamale Burger as best thing ever?

4 Responses to “Avocado Falafel”

  1. my favorite sandwich in the city!

  2. Eric says:

    Had this for lunch, based on photo alone. Mine didn’t look quite like that – but it was tasty (though I wouldn’t've minded a couple squirts o’ hot sauce).

    Also, had some rosewater/pistachio Turkish Delight. Very good…

  3. omar says:

    gotta ask for the hot sauce on the side. it’s a little oily, so make sure to shake it w/ the lid on and then pour.

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