Go Giants!

That’s right, Converse is letting you customize your All Stars now. Which means I can finally get some traditional maroon low-tops in a half size. Or you can celebrate the Giants or whatever. Or create an homage to your favorite pair of late-’80s Visions:

4 Responses to “Go Giants!”

  1. That is pretty freaking awesome, even if they don’t offer the customizable ones for us yeti-feet’d types. Such is life.

    Also: $68?! Is that how much Chucks cost now? I think I paid $14 a pair for mine at the Converse Factory Outlet, but that was before they got bought by Nike and shipped the production off to southeast Asia where they could treat their workers like shit and charge us three times as much for their output.


    • nattles says:

      i knew the “before nike” comment would come up. i feel like i just won bingo, thanks!

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        You say that as if there is something wrong being disappointed that cool shoes got more expensive, while the job of making them not only got shipped offshore, but also went to workers who can be paid a pittance to work in sweatshop conditions.

        Nice attitude.

  2. Sheabones says:

    Admittedly, I kinda hope stuff like this helps to make Vans less popular with folks who don’t skate…my heart broke a little back when Vans made fixie themed shoes.