Local Manglomerate EDW Lynch Accepting Romantic Applications

The latest on EDW Lynch’s latest romantic status was revealed at a press conference last week at Amnesia:

So glad to see the return of BBC reporter Darvid Tokishi. Anyway, they are accepting dating applications for all you interested parties, ladies or men. Legally, they can’t require you to specify.

The EDW Lynch corporate manglomerate is delighted to announce we are now accepting applications for our Fall romantic evaluation meeting (dating) season.

The manglomerate has been inundated by romantic inquiries ever since EDW Lynch announced our tri­umphant return to the San Francisco romantic market last week. Our easy to use dating application form will streamline the process of selecting qualified applicants for romantic evaluation meetings during Fall 2010.

Apply Now! EDW Lynch Application for Romantic Evaluation Meeting

As you can see, there are some very important questions in the evaluation:

I’ll have to run these documents by legal and touch base with the VP of Romantic Affairs. In the meantime, you can review the documentation at EDW Lynch.


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