Hey, I Can Play My Shitty Music If I Want To

Tough crowd for one 24th st. busker.

[photo and title by Marty Your Friend]

4 Responses to “Hey, I Can Play My Shitty Music If I Want To”

  1. Hey, come on up to the 16th and Mission station, where we endure the crappy 70s AOR boom-box music of deranged, indigent African-American layabouts all evening long. Offensive as it sounds, I kid you not.

    • nenita says:

      funny that you only notice the African American layabouts. How about an accurate description cause that ain’t it…

      • Actually, that is a fairly accurate description of the overnight crowd at the 16th + Mission Plaza (southwest corner). But, in your eagerness to pick a fight with me, you have failed to notice that the point of my comment was not to describe all the people who hang out at the BART station I know best, but, instead, to compare the types of obnoxious noise-makers one is most likely to encounter at the two stations. Since the original picture was taken at night at the 24th St. plaza, a comparison with 16th Street’s night noise-makers naturally suggested itself. I could, however, have referenced the loony Latino megaphone-toting street preachers of the Christian gospel. But those guys you only see weekend mornings. And I suspect that 24th St. has them, too.

      • moderniste says:

        Though Cranky’s original post *sounds* offensive, it is the truth. I get off work at 1:00 am, and when I used to have to walk by the 16th and Mission BART, the “overnight” crowd was, indeed close to 100% African American. Don’t know why this is, but I did not ever see any Latino, White, or Asian folks enjoying the hospitality of the 16th St. Slumber Party.